ICIMOD at the Arctic Frontiers: Himalaya Yak and Arctic Reindeer Herders: Resilience & Cooperation


Yak herding and reindeer herding are practiced by Indigenous Peoples at the highest altitudes and at the highest latitudes on Earth. These cultures, while from vastly different regions, are now dealing with rapid environmental changes, including rates of warming faster than the global average, while simultaneously feeling the effects of globalization and both its positive and negative consequences. 

This session will explore the linkages and commonalities between yak and reindeer herding. The focus will be on climate change and its impacts on herders, their way of life, and their environment. Concepts and good practices in resilience building will be discussed, with a focus on traditional knowledge and the co-production of knowledge. 

The discussion will also provide a platform to explore more common issues between the Hindu Kush Himalaya and the Arctic, with a view to establishing new ideas for lasting partnerships, networks and initiatives between the two regions. 

The event is jointly organized by the Association of World Reindeer Herders, International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry, the UArctic EALÁT Institute, ICIMOD, GRID-Arendal, and the Arctic University of Norway (UiT).