Selected Poster Applicants

The poster committee received a total of 92 posters from ICIMOD’s regional member countries (RMC) and beyond. The committee shortlisted the following pool of posters selecting the best two/three posters from each RMC taking gender, age and geographic scope into consideration. 

The top five posters will receive a commendation at the closing ceremony of the International Conference on Resilient Hindu Kush Himalaya: Developing Solutions towards a Sustainable Future for Asia. The poster committee is no longer accepting applications. Please refer to the original call here

Mr Sami Sofizada

Poster Title: Landslide Risk Assessment in Kunduz Province- Afghanistan

Mr Shabir Ahmad Kabirzad

Poster Title: Blended Natural Hazards Risk Assessment Approach to Find Vulnerable Community in Kabul City

Ms Riffat Islam

Poster Title: Landslide 2017 Utter Dismay in the Southeast Regions of Bangladesh

Ms Sayeda Umme Habiba

Poster Title: An Innovative Teshnique to Assess Sediment Load in Lower Watershed Streams due to Disturbances in the Land Cover Changes in Upper Watershed- The case of Halda River


Mr Janchu Dorji

Poster Title: Gender Equality and Climate Change

Mr Pravakar Pradhan

Poster Title: Design of Low Cost Robust Solar Electric Fence Energizer integrated with Alarm and Alert System

Ms Tashi Pelyang

Poster Title: Empowering Mountain Women through access and benefit sharing (ABS) model: A case from Bhuta


Mr Chen Duan

Poster Title: Reconciling wildlife conservation goals while rangeland restoration on the Tibetan Changtang Plateau

Ms Ma Huaxia

Poster Title: Fast, cheap and reliable estimation of soil nutrients across landuses by using Mid infrared diffused reflectance spectroscopy

Ms Mali Li

Poster Title: How farmers achieve food security and gradually develop under climate change

Mr Paras Loombha

Poster Title: Global Himalayan expedition: Empowering Mountain Communities

Dr Tejaswi Veligatla

Poster Title: Comparative Adaptability between Native and Crossbred Cattle with Reference to Climate

Ms Shristi Badola

Poster Title: Helping hands: a case Study on social and economic Impacts of non-government organisations on women folk of Hindu Kush Himalayas

Mr Paing Soe

Poster Title: Connectivity Mapping for Placement of Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Along Dawei-Kanchanaburi Road, Southern Myanmar

Mrs Noemi Tiina Dupertuis

Poster Title: Livelihood Problems of Shifting Cultivators in Southern Chin State, Myanmar


Mr Dipendra Pokharel

Poster Title: Is conservation agriculture a potential option for cereal based sustainable farming system in eastern indo-gangetic plains of Nepal?

Ms Reshu Bashyal

Poster Title: Electric Lokta Boiler for Fuel-switching

Mr Madhab Uprety

Poster Title: Piloting Forecast Based Flood Preparedness in Nepal


Ms Samar Asad

Poster Title: How can Low-Cost Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Practices Alleviate Poverty in Alpine Areas of Pakistan

Ms Nuzhat Javed

Poster Title: Trash to Cash! An Effective Way to Turn Waste into Fuel and compost for Sustainable Energy and Agriculture in Gilgit Balistan Pakistan