Speaker's Profile 

Maya Magaranti 

Assistant Professor, Indigenious Wellness Research Institute

Maya Magaranti is an affiliate Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, Associate Director of Community and Education Outreach Core of the Indigenious Wellness Research Institute in the School of Social Work, and affilate faculty member in the Nepal Studies Initiative housed in the Jackson School of International Studies, all at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Magaranti is from the mountains of the Annapurna region, Nepal. She has worked with UNICEF Nepal as a consultant to the Nutrition programme and as a programme officer at Rural Reconstruction Nepal, an NGO. She later trained as a sociologist under the Fulbright programme. 

Her scholarship connects sociology and public health in addressing social inequities with an intention of fostering knowledge democracy. She is interested in unpacking mechanisms of social and environmental determinants as they affect health, risk behaviors, social mobility, and sustainability in indigenous communities. She has seven years of experience collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams using a community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach investigating resiliency, cultural strength, and structural determinants of health, mental health and educational aspirations among American Indian and Alaska Natives. Through her CBPR research work, she has visited many rural Indian reservations and built respectful relationships with tribal communities. She has observed many similarities in culture, tradition and values that centre around relations and wholistic approaches to wellbeing between the indigenous peoples worldwide.

Magaranti has also served on the Advisory Council of Seattle’s Mountaineers Club, comprised of 12,000 outdoor community members in the Pacific Northwest.