Speaker's Profile 

Arjumand Nizami

Country Director (Pakistan), Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

Arjumand Nizami obtained her PhD in Rural Development Sociology from Wageningen University (Netherlands) from Rural Development Sociology Group, in natural resource governance. Her thematic interests include access to and control over natural resources (forests, water, and land), equity and benefit distribution from natural resources (NRs) from gender and ethnic perspectives but also NR management and benefit distribution leading to conflict or social connectivity depending on approaches. She has conducted several studies on climate change and its implications for community livelihoods (disasters, agriculture, and water management). Based on these studies, she has also facilitated appropriate local adaptation planning to turn change into opportunities. She has planned and implemented several projects on rural livelihoods, water, environment, climate change adaptation, and value chain promotion within ecological and social paradigms in remote areas. She currently serves as Country Director for Pakistan Programme of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation (HO based in Switzerland). Prior to joining Helvetas, she served in various positions with responsibilities related to conducting planning, monitoring, and research in community-based forestry programmes financed by the Netherlands, Germany, and the Government of Pakistan. She has published several articles and papers in areas of interest, which have been shared with wider audiences.