Speaker's Profile 

Rajanikanth Annamraju

Fellow and Life Member, Geological Society of India

Rajanikanth Annamraju has 36 years of experience in scientific research, science management, teaching/lecturing, and planning and coordination.  His interests include mesozoic palaeobotany, palynology, palaeoecology, climate change, sustainability, science management, and science and spirituality.  He has published over 100 research papers and articles, and edited 30 journals, books, newsletters, and reports. Annamraju is Fellow and Life Member of the Geological Society of India, Bangalore; the Palaeobotanical Society, Lucknow; the Palaeontological Society, Lucknow; and the Gondwana Geological Society, Nagpur. Annamraju is Assistant Editor of The Palaeobotanist and was Joint Secretary of The Palaeobotanical Society from 1992–94. Over the years, he has shared editorial responsibility and curatorial responsibility, and been involved in planning and coordination, science popularization, field expeditions, and cultural activities.