Kailash Regional Synthesis Phase 2012-17 Converging Regional Lessons: Kailash Experience


The overall objective of the regional synthesis is to distil the regional scale lessons/messages that will inform national level policies/science as well as institutional processes/mechanisms towards strengthening transboundary cooperation (e.g. commonality on national access and benefit sharing policies, forest policy, and biodiversity conservation strategies, trade and Heritage tourism). Moreover, these lessons need to be prepared to get greater attention and ownership of HKH countries to bring changes in national/local conservation and development strategic focus on regional cooperation so that long term mainstreaming at planning and implementation levels is implemented.

Overall three key outputs are expected from the above regional synthesis: 

  1. Converge country national synthesis to regional scale lessons and recommendations 
  2. Draft programme design document (broader work packages) for 2018-22 that articulates an evolved focus of “Kailash II Initiative” targeting broader regional cooperation with early exploring of funding sources 
  3. Draft Action Plan 2018