Daily Briefs

Day 4: 

A 12-point Action Agenda for a Resilient HKH

The conference participants adopted a 12-point action agenda for a resilient Hindu Kush Himalaya unanimously. Ideas for the action points were crowd-sourced over the period of four days. These action points will provide a common framework for various stakeholders to work toward building resilience in the HKH through common purpose and collective action.

  1. Strengthen the regional and global voice of the HKH region and it’s mountain people, including youth.
  2. “HKH Calling…”, a regional awareness to action campaign.
  3. Encourage mass promotion of resilience-building technologies and solutions that are proven to be simple, affordable, and replicable.
  4. Promote and strengthen cooperation at all levels across the HKH region through the co-creation of knowledge for resilience-building and sustainable mountain development.
  5. Strengthen and build capacity at all scales of governance, and interlinkages, to facilitate resilience building.
  6. Allocate significantly greater resources to resilience building, including incentives for conservation of benefits from mountain ecosystems and equitable benefit sharing.
  7. Support the incubation of businesses and the formation of cadres of mountain entrepreneurs and business leadership, particularly among women and youth.
  8. Encourage the use of innovative ICT, RS, and GSS technologies for data and information generation and sharing.
  9. Build long-term funding arrangements that are consistent, flexible, and responsible.
  10. Respond to existing and new gender spaces.
  11. Invest in mountain youth and engage them.
  12. Establish and mobilize ICIMOD as a regional forum for knowledge generation, repository, and dissemination.

Day 3: Capatalizing on Opportunities: Mechanisms for Integrating the Building Blocks

“HIMAP fills the major scientific gap. However, ICIMOD has to be bold and clear to drive the science-policy interface.” - Asun Lera St. Clair, Senior Principal Scientist, DNV GL

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Day 2: Science, Policy, and Practice of Resilient Building: Key Challenges and Building Blocks

“It is remarkable how little governments know about wealth of their nations.“  - Sir Partha Das Gupta, University of Cambridge

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Day 1: Inauguration and High-Level Leadership Panel

 “The HKH is home to many developing nations and it is imperative that we take collective steps to alleviate the threats of climate change. I expect the conference to deliberate these challenges.“  - The Right Honourable President of Nepal, Bidya Devi Bhandari

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