Himalica-ICIMOD Media Fellowship Programme 2017

The EU-funded Support to Rural Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation in the Himalaya (Himalica) initiative managed by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) recognizes all too well the role national and local media play in creating public awareness about the need to support poor and vulnerable mountain communities of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region adapt to climate change. Toward that end, the Himalica initiative introduced a Himalica-ICIMOD Media Fellowship Programme 2017, targeting media professionals in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan. The programme will help strengthen the capacities of selected environment and development media professionals from the region to report accurately and holistically on issues such as rural livelihood and income diversification, climate-resilient value chains, climate-smart agricultural practices and interventions, formation of farmers' groups and micro enterprises, and ecosystem management.

The following are the recipients of small grants under the Himalica-ICIMOD Media Fellowship Programme 2017:

Stories done by Media Fellows by country