Geodesign for Collaborative Planning


ICIMOD is organizing a one-day geodesign workshop that will investigate the development of rehabilitation strategies post-disaster also building a long-term resilience strategy for mitigating the risk of future disasters. In this workshop, we will explore several alternative futures for Dhungetar, Nepal as envisioned by planners and other professionals. The event will include 30-35 professionals from the city office, water board, river authority, civil protection and urban development ministries and also selected citizen groups for a hands-on one day workshop.

This workshop will explore how a collaborative design negotiation process would build a resilience and rehabilitation plan in context of the growth and development targets for the city. The plan will be disseminate via social media for broad public reaction. This workshop will use data provided by the ICIMOD and other open data publically available. The goal of this pilot workshop is have further discussion on a broader roll out of geodesign technologies for other projects within Nepal and ICIMOD.

In this workshop, Geodesignhub platform will be used. Geodesignhub ( is a free, open-access, digital web based workflow. It is designed to support the rapid creation and negotiation over conceptual designs to address complex design and planning problems. Geodesignhub is best used with a number of diverse people, anywhere from 6 – 60 at a given time, with the intention to build design consensus in the early stages of the planning. The goal of this collaboration is to work towards a negotiated design, the main benefit of this exercise being developing a shared understanding of the problem and also formulating a design and intervention strategy.