Hydrometeorology and Snow Accumulation and Melt Process (SnowAMP) Fieldwork in Langtang Valley, Nepal



  • Visit 10 meteorological stations and two hydrological stations for maintenance and data collection. 
  • Measure river discharge at two gauging sites using salt tracer methods with partners from DHM and NVE.
  • Maintain five time-lapse cameras in Langtang Valley, recording detailed snow cover extent on a sub-daily basis.
  • Select ground control points and survey these with a dGPS system to spatially distribute snow cover information from time-lapse cameras.
  • Conduct unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights above Lirung and Langtang glaciers to determine bi-annual surface lowering and debris-surface temperatures.

Glacio-hydrologist Inka Koch and research associate Tika Gurung set to work on an automatic weather station on Yala Glacier in May 2017
Photo: Maxime Litt/ ICIMOD