Waheedullah Yousafi

Technical Coordinator-Afghanistan, SERVIR HKH

Mountain Environment Regional Information System

Waheedullah Yousafi joined ICIMOD in September 2016 and is responsible for project management, coordination, and reporting within the SERVIR-HKH Initiative based in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has extensive experience in Earth observation and its applications in various domains such as agriculture, crop statistics, water resources management, urban planning, agromet, and disaster management.

Yousafi was a core member of the teams that formulated Afghanistan’s national irrigation programme (NIP) and national hydromet data-sharing policy. He has worked in projects funded by organizations such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Asian Development Bank (ADB), and the European Union (EU).

Yousafi holds an MSc degree in Water Management from NWFP Agricultural University in Pakistan and a one-year diploma in Leadership from the Kabul office of Morning Star USA.