Mountain Research and Development Vol 37, No 3

Mountain Forests and the SDGs  

For this issue, guest editors G. Gratzer and W. Keeton invited researchers to reflect on the role of mountain forests in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Papers cover gender issues in Ethiopian agroforestry, the impact of migration on gender relations in forest user groups in Nepal, the profitability of small-scale mountain farm forestry in Austria, the impact of rubber on the rural economy in China, a throughfall-exclusion experiment in a forest area in Bhutan, and the resilience of mountain forests to disturbance scenarios in India. Two agendas follow: for research on Andean forest landscapes and their capacity to contribute to sustainable development, and for practice, on ways in which US federal land managers can help sustain forest productivity. Two further papers are on property rights, rangeland management, and herder livelihoods in Bhutan, and on a method to model urban spatial growth in mountains in China.

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