REDD+ Himalaya Nepal: 3rd National Review and Planning Workshop



The Regional REDD+ Initiative at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICMOD), under the REDD+ Himalaya Programme, facilitates the REDD+ readiness processes of member countries Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Myanmar at various scales through capacity building and knowledge sharing. In Nepal, the REDD+ Initiative is working with the REDD Implementation Centre (REDD IC), Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation (MoFSC) since 2015. This partnership aims to enhance the capacity of REDD IC, Nepal to mainstream REDD+ objectives in Forest Management with scientific evidences through a participatory, gender sensitive, and inclusive approach. A multi-stakeholder forum, the District REDD+ Working Group, has been formed in three pilot districts: Dolakha, Gorkha, and Chitwan. The forum is contributing to the decentralization of REDD+ processes from the national to grassroots levels.

REDD IC implemented various REDD+ activities in 2016, believed to have had an impact at the grassroots level in terms of understanding REDD+ processes and establishing coordination and cooperation among government agencies, community-based organizations, and private sector bodies.  The key activities accomplished in 2016 included: knowledge dissemination, filed visits, REDD+ awareness workshop, training of trainers (ToT) on REDD+ and carbon assessment, training for local resource persons (LRPs), establishment of REDD+ networks, LRP mobilization, publication and extension, bio-briquette production, revision of forest management plan (by incorporating carbon analysis), and monitoring and reporting. 

With this backdrop, REDD IC is organizing its third National Review and Planning Workshop in Pokhara, Kaski from 21–23 August 2017. The rationale of the workshop is to prepare a comprehensive plan for REDD+ readiness at the national, sub-national, and local levels. 


The overall objective of the workshop is to understand the status of REDD+ activities under the REDD+ Himalaya Project and to formulate activity plans for the coming implementation phase. 

The specific objectives are to

  • Share the progress and lessons learnt from implemented activities 
  • Discuss the strengths and opportunities of REDD+ implementation at the sub-national and local levels
  • Formulate activities for the next implementation phase and anticipate relevant issues and challenges 
  • Discuss a way forward in relation to the effective implementation and documentation of REDD+ activities 


The participants of the workshop will be from the National Coordination Committee (NCC) of REDD+ Himalaya, REDD Implementation Centre Nepal (REDD IC), ICIMOD’s Regional REDD+ Initiative, District Forest Officers (DFO) from pilot districts, District Federation of Community Forest User Groups Nepal (FECOFUN) from pilot districts, Western Regional Forest Directorate, Pokhara, and faculties from Institute of Forest (IoF).