Frequently Asked Questions

You are! We are looking for young, fresh voices from people currently making contributions to building resilience via either your individual work or as part of your organization’s work in the fields of science, policy, and practical implementation. If you are a young academic, your research findings might help inform current understandings of change in the mountains; if you are a young policy maker, it might be your work on helping nations or communities build resilience that you discuss; if you are working on the ground in a practical capacity, you might explain how your work or innovations are helping people or communities become more resilient. 
Please submit your information via our web form
All submissions must be made by 2 October 2017, 5PM (Nepal Standard Time - GMT+5:45). 
Successful applicants will be notified by email by 16 October 2017.
A panel of experts will review all submissions and make the selection. 
Limited partial funding will be made available on a need basis. We will not be able to provide full support to all presenters.