Biographies of PhD Fellows

Arshini Saikia

Arshini Saikia is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Atmospheric Studies, Dibrugarh University, India and was a PhD fellow for the ICIMOD PhD Fellowship 2016. She is being supervised and co-supervised by Binita Pathak from Dibrugarh University and Bhupesh Adhikary, Senior Air Quality Specialist at ICIMOD, respectively. Her research focuses on meteorology and air quality modelling over the eastern Himalaya and exploring how to determine past, present, and future climate scenarios across the region. She has been involved in atmospheric trace gas ground and satellite measurement studies.

Saikai completed her MSc in Physics with specialization in Electronics and Atmospheric Science from Dibrugarh University in 2014. She worked under the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Space Science Promotion Scheme (SSPS) programme for a year, where she was involved in the comparison of ground based measurement with multi satellite aerosol optical depth (AOD) retrievals across Dibrugarh, Assam. Apart from this, she also has research experience on air quality modeling over the Eastern Himalaya using the WRF CHEM model at ICIMOD. Additionally, she also has experience in ground based and satellite data handling, including knowledge in computer programming.

She can be reached at or