Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability on Mountain Ecosystems of the Eastern Himalaya

ICIMOD and its partners, with support from the MacArthur Foundation, have been contributing to biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Himalayas for more than a decade. The opinion now is that climate change is inevitably impacting biological resources, habitats, and ecosystems. There is an urgent need to understand the change and to develop a strategy to adapt to the change - both at regional and local level. ICIMOD is making an assessment of climate change impact on biodiversity in the Eastern Himalayas with a view to developing a future strategy for both conservation and development.

The assessment on “Trends, Perceptions and Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity” is expected to emerge with a broad consensus on climate change impacts on biodiversity and conservation policy adaptations.


  • To assess the impact of climate change on biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Himalayas
  • To develop a multi-disciplinary team of climatologists, biodiversity experts and policy analysts to initiate the state-of-art assessment process
  • To make an effort to reach a broad consensus on how protected area management, andbiodiversity conservation policies and practices can adapt to climate change in the region.

The assessment will look at the climate change trends and their impact on biodiversity by reviewing the available information within ICIMOD, its partners, and from public sources.  We will also include people’s perceptions of climate change. Biodiversity conservation threats and vulnerabilities will be assessed, as well as how stakeholders are responding and adapting to such changes. We will include an assessment of areas for capacity building and identify governance issues with short- and long-term priorities. Finally, gap areas for future research will be identified.


July 2007 - December 2008

Geographical coverage


Core financial partners/development partners/sponsors

MacArthur Foundation

Implementing partners

Consultants from Regional Member Countries for the drafting of whitepapers, and survey on climate change perceptions

Contact information

Karma Tsering
Coordinator, Climate Change
Environmental Change and Ecosystem Services