ICIMOD’s current work on Energy

In 2013, ICIMOD renewed its energy related activities. In the first two years, it created a range of knowledge products to lay the ground for future work. This was followed up by implementation work on the ground and further training programmes. Clean energy access is now considered crucial for achieving almost all sustainable development goals (SDGs) consistent priorities for the HKH, from its role in reducing poverty (through advancements in health, education, water supply, gender equality, agriculture, and industrialization) to addressing climate change adaption and mitigation. In the second phase, the focus on energy work has been somewhat similar to the first phase. In addition, we have looked at issues of community level benefit sharing from large hydro projects and emphasized the need for providing sustainable financial solutions for uptake of renewable energy technologies (RET). 

ICIMOD is also in the process of setting up a Himalayan Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency which will act as a hub for renewable energy related work from all eight regional member countries.