ICIMOD’s Energy Work in the Past

In the 1990s, ICIMOD undertook a state-of-the-art review of rural energy use in mountain areas of HKH countries. This document provided the basis for ICIMOD’s work to focus on the promotion of decentralized, renewable community-based energy options. [See Link A below]  

ICIMOD was instrumental in the promotion of decentralized renewable energy technologies through capacity building for mini- and micro-hydropower programmes and traditional water mills. Manuals produced on the subject continue to be used in the region as a means to reduce poverty. [See Link B below]

Over the years, ICIMOD's programme on energy has implemented initiatives that focus on renewable energy technologies. Two major projects were implemented till 2008. Yet, despite huge potential, the promotion and accelerated adoption of decentralized sustainable energy are still in the initial stages and have not transformed into economies of scale due to a broad range of policy, regulatory, financial, technical, knowledge, awareness, cultural, and capacity barriers to their penetration in rural mountain areas of the HKH region.