Ex-post Impact Evaluation of Development of Sustainable Energy for Rangelands (DESER) Project

This study assesses the relevance and impacts of various renewable energy technologies and services piloted at project sites of in Bhutan, Nepal, and Pakistan using a sample survey of  317 households comprising of participating, spillover, and non-participating households. The results show that the project has successfully achieved the desired outcomes leading to impacts like improved living conditions for pastoralists, and alleviated pressures for fuels on rangelands and contributed to rural development and environmental conservation. Several technologies like solar photovoltaic home sets, solar lights, solar cookers and improved cook stoves are popular among the people in these project areas. The study recommends up-scaling and replication of the successes of the project to other parts in the HKH rangelands while also offering future strategic directions and insights into critical issues and options associated with off-grid renewable energy solutions. The study is being synthesised for knowledge product generation and dissemination. 

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Bikash Sharma
Senior Environmental Economist