Projections of Future Energy Demand and Supply Options in the HKH, 2015-2016

Lack of spatially disaggregated energy demand data for the HKH in all ICIMOD member countries, except Nepal and Bhutan makes the projection of HKH specific future energy demand overly complicated.  This study makes an attempt to generate database of HKH specific energy demand using both the ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ approaches and undertakes sectoral energy demand projections from 2013 to 2030 using the LEAP model.  Under BAU scenarios, the total energy demand in 2030 in the HKH is projected to reach 7.46 exajoule (EJ) with 57% of this demand being accounted for by the household sector followed by industry (22%).  Under the current state of energy data deficit in the HKH, the study stresses an urgent need for establishing a sound HKH specific energy data base for evidence based policy making. The study is being synthesised for knowledge product generation and dissemination. 

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Golam Rasul
Theme Leader, Livelihoods