Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems at the Crossroads

Dr. Barbara Van Koppen, Principal Researcher – Poverty, Gender and Water, IWMI, comments during FMIS conference

“Women are at the center of farmers managed irrigation systems though they are less studied, understood and recognized. However, the irrigation institutions including FMIS are dominated by men?” Such was the tone of the discussion set on Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems, held at the Hotel Himalaya in Kathmandu on April 11, 2017. In a series of enlightening presentations made, the various fields associated with water and irrigation were discussed. More importantly, the focus of the discussion was on to map the associated climatic, gender and socio-ecological challenges. As Dr. Robert Yoder (IDE, Colorado, USA) suggested, the conference was to weave together the multitude of loose threads of narratives stemming from these fields, into one coherent message.