Expedition to Rikha Samba Glacier, Nepal

Rikha Sambha Glacier in October 2016.
Photo by: Sharad Joshi/ICIMOD

ICIMOD and partners from the Cryosphere Monitoring Programme, Kathmandu University, will conduct an expedition to Rikha Samba Glacier in the Hidden Valley, Lower Mustang, Nepal, as a part of the Cryosphere Initiative funded by the Government of Norway. 


Meteorological measurements

  • Reinstall an automatic weather station (AWS) at the Rikha Samba Glacier base camp
  • Dismantle and bring back the data logger and sensors of the Japanese AWS already installed

Hydrological measurements

  • Download and maintain the hydro station (HS) downstream the Rikha Samba Glacier outlet
  • Discharge measurement at HS near the Rikha Samba Glacier outlet