Langtang Hydromet and Snow Accumulation and Melt Process (snowAMP) Fieldwork

ICIMOD cryosphere experts at work on a radiation sensor at Yala Glacier base camp. (Photo: Inka Koch/ICIMOD)


  1. Maintenance of hydrometeorological instruments and aerial survey of glacier lowering 
  2. Collection of data from time lapse cameras and weather stations for water equivalents 

Researchers from ICIMOD’s Cryosphere Initiative, the University of Utrecht and Kathmandu University are conducting a research expedition to Langtang valley from 16 April to 4 May. The researchers will visit several sites to maintain automatic weather and hydrological stations, and conduct discharge measurements. Additionally, a network of basic weather stations for observing snow height and water equivalents is to be maintained near Yala Glacier.  

A new advanced meteorological station dedicated to measuring snow water equivalents is to be installed. Images will be downloaded from static time lapse cameras that visually document snow events and an aerial vehicle will be flown to collect imagery that documents glacier surface lowering. 

The field activity is a part of the Cryosphere Initiative of ICIMOD, funded by the Government of Norway