Gathering Clouds!

Photo Credit: Krity Shrestha, Practical Action

Stakeholders of Chitwan, Nepal, can now understand better the effects of climate change on their communities, since they will have local professionals trained to recognize climate change

Empowering of local stakeholders is a good indicator of the progress of a project, especially when it means active community engagement in the form of face-to-face meetings, training programmes and other community outreach arrangements. For HI-AWARE, translating the complex science imbedded in its research to an accessible knowledge format remains a prime objective. This is covered by HI-AWARE’s ‘Research into Use’ component, in which the uptake of research is an important expression of HI-AWARE’s rationale. Such use of research would mean an active engagement with stakeholders, not only to understand and realize this usable knowledge at an abstract level but more so to synthesize it within their day-to-day existence. 

With this in mind, HI-AWARE, in collaboration with Practical Action, Nepal, recently signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with the Chitwan District Development Committee in South Nepal. This LoI was the result of demands made by people from the community there, an important sign of local people’s willingness to learn about their changing environment.