National Youth Forum – Inspiring Youth for Climate Actions


ICIMOD engages young professionals to build their understanding of climate change science and to develop their capacity to bring about positive change in society. As agents of change in local communities, young people can engage at the grassroots, national, regional, and international levels and be instrumental in communicating climate change knowledge and its impacts to a wider public.

This one-day pre-conference event supports ICIMOD’s focus on the crucial role of youth in climate action. The event will be jointly facilitated by ICIMOD, the Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI), and the Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities (CAHC).

The main objectives of this youth forum are to:

  • Sensitize youth to improved understanding of climate science, climate change solutionss and the IPCC process;
  • Foster networking among young researchers for better collaboration, integration, and innovation in addressing climate change; and
  • Empower youth to inspire others and take climate action in their own communities.

Session coordinator

Mr Udayan Mishra, Knowledge Management and Networking Officer, ICIMOD

Ms Bivishika Bhandari, Head of Marketing and Outreach, HCI


Ms Smita Ghimire, Knowledge Management and Communication, ICIMOD

Ms Bivishika Bhandari, Head of Marketing and Outreach, HCI