International Workshop on Cryospheric Change and Sustainable Development

Image Source: State Key Laboratory of Cryosphere Science

The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) is co-organizing an upcoming international workshop on Cryospheric Change and Sustainable Development to be held in Lanzhou, China. The workshop will focus on existing capabilities to model and assess these changes, mitigation and adaptability strategies in a rapidly changing cryosphere, eco-social sustainability, and the role of the cryosphere in the earth’s future.

Workshop sessions will cover topics on

Cryospheric processes and dynamics

The goals for discussing this topic include: 

  • To assess and quantify rapid changes in each component of the cryosphere during recent decades, 
  • To improve understanding of the physical processes and feedback mechanisms that control the interactions between the cryosphere and other elements of the climate system, and 
  • To improve depictions of cryospheric processes in climate models and thereby reduce uncertainties in climate simulations and projections
Image Source: State Key Laboratory of Cryosphere Science

Attributions and impacts of cryospheric changes

This session will focus on: 

  • Impacts of snow cover and sea ice changes on regional and global climate dynamics,
  • Effects of glacier (ice sheet) shrinkage on sea level rise and water resource, 
  • Permafrost degradation and carbon cycle as well as ecosystem change.

Mitigation and adaptive countermeasures in relation to cryospheric changes

The session attempts to establish mitigation and adaptive countermeasures related to cryospheric changes, such as optimal water resources utilization, ecosystem protection, Arctic shipping, disaster risk (GLOF) assessment, etc.

Cryosphere services and their functions for sustainable development

The session aims to assess the cryosphere service function (CSF), such as resources, ecosystem services, culture services, tourism values and related factors.

Image Source: State Key Laboratory of Cryosphere Science

Call for Abstracts

Interested authors are invited to submit abstract on aforementioned topics by 20 June, 2017

Submission format

  • 250-300 word abstract, including title, author’s full name (speaker should be underlined), address, and e-mail address
  • 21*29.7cm (A4) format
  • Font – Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • 3 cm margin on the top and bottom, and 2.5 cm margin on the right and left
  • Paragraphs single-spaced

Also complete and return the application form

Kindly submit your abstract (in Microsoft Word format) and application form by email to  by 20 June 2017.

The workshop will provide limited financial support to cover participation expenses, such as international air ticket, local accommodation and domestic travel expenses within China. Please fill in the financial application section in the Participation Form (Annex I) and send it to  by 20 June 2017. Support will be awarded on the basis of needs subject to fund availability and total the number of applications.

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