REDD+ Monitoring Mission to Bhutan

Steps to calculating the carbon stock of Bhutan’s forests



Bhutan has achieved very good results in the REDD+ Himalaya programme. This mission will validate them and see the results first hand. The country is mature in terms of programme implementation and has moved swiftly to use its budget. The mission will discuss further collaboration between ICIMOD/GIZ and the Royal Government of Bhutan in publication and knowledge management for South-South learning.


The primary objective of this visit is to monitor project progress toward calculating carbon stock in Bhutan’s forests. The secondary objectives include:

  • Briefing on journal paper contribution 
  • Follow up on communication strategy as committed in 2016
  • Information on coordination of development partner and requests (World Bank and UN-REDD)
  • Observation of soil laboratory, and meeting with partners
  • Meeting with researchers on biomass equation for calculating the carbon storage of Bhutan’s forests
  • Meeting with technicians on national forest monitoring system/FAO open forest database, and national forest inventory. 


  • Current state of the project implementation is clarified
  • Steps to be taken to calculate the carbon content of Bhutan’s forests are discussed
  • Ongoing work for publications and knowledge management is reviewed
  • Further work on publications and knowledge management is clarified