Book Announcement and Call for Papers: Farmer Innovations and Best Practices by Shifting Cultivators in Asia-Pacific

A Minangkabau farmer in West Sumatra, Indonesia, sets out for her field, with her child trussed securely on her back. 
Photo Credit: M. Cairns

The Editor of a forthcoming volume, “Farmer Innovations and Best Practices by Shifting Cultivators in Asia-Pacific” is inviting papers and supporting photographs that analyse farmer innovations and best practices within shifting cultivation systems in the Asia-Pacific region.

The book will be the final volume in a planned trilogy presenting a comprehensive collection of scientific works on the practice of shifting cultivation, focusing on Asia and the Pacific. This final book will explore ways in which today’s shifting cultivators are innovating and adjusting their traditional “hitching a ride with nature” to cope with the modern challenges of population growth, climate change, market economies, land shortages and the threat of plantation monocropping.

The editorial team is accepting papers of about 6000 words in length, together with supporting photographs.  To find out more or to express an intention to contribute to this volume, please contact the Editor, Malcolm Cairns, at .

Contributions should be submitted by July 1, 2019.

A detailed book announcement and call for papers can be found here