Hindu Kush Himalayan Flow Regime from International Experimental Network Data (HKH FRIEND)

The FRIEND programme is an international collaborative study intended to develop, through the mutual exchange of data, knowledge and techniques at a regional level and a better understanding of hydrological variability and similarity across time and space. The advanced knowledge of hydrological processes and flow regimes gained through FRIEND helps to improve methods applicable in water resources planning and management.

HKH-FRIEND, formally launched in March 1996, evolved through a series of regional consultations and meetings of the Regional Working Group on Mountain Hydrology. The Regional Working Group was established in 1989 during a workshop organized jointly by International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and UNESCO-IHP in Kathmandu, Nepal.
The main objective of HKH FRIEND is to study the hydrological behaviour of the complex environment of the HKH and share hydro-meteorological information leading to the reduction of vulnerability to floods by providing timely and reliable warning.

The activities of HKH FRIEND are overseen by a steering committee which consists of representatives from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan. Through the 4th Steering Committee meeting of HKH FRIEND the Central Asian countries have been included as part of the network. It has four research groups comprising of scientists and technical staff from Universities, operational agencies and research institutes throughout the HKH region.  HKH-FRIEND has also established a Regional Hydrological Data Centre (RHDC) at ICIMOD. The objective of RHDC is to build a hydrological and climatic database for the HKH region that would serve the different scientific research groups of the region. Given the political sensitiveness of hydrological data in the region, the RHDC provides primarily a metadata catalogue. Some hydrological and climatological time-series data are also available which have been provided by the focal nodal agencies.

Geographical coverage

Pakistan, and
countries of Central Asia

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Contact information

Yan Huang
Coordinator - HKH FRIEND
Vice secretary, China IHP national committee
Deputy Chief Engineer, Bureau of Hydrology
Changjiang Water Resources Commission
Y Huang
Tel: +86 27 8292 6230
Fax: +8627 8282 9605

Mandira Shrestha
Member Secretary
HKH-FRIEND Secretariat
Integrated Water and Hazard Management