Brief Introduction of CNICIMOD







Brief Introduction of CNICIMOD

Chinese Committee on International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (CNICIMOD), officially established on 26 April, 2006 by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is considered as a national representative of ICIMOD’s Chinese partners, with three offices in Chengdu, Kunming and Lhasa respectively.

CNICIMOD has been paid more and more attention by CAS headquarters, with first President CAS academician Li Jiayang, first Secretary General Prof. Deng Wei; second President CAS academician Ding Zhongli, second Vice-President CAS academician Yao Tandong and second Secretary General CAS academician Cui Peng. CNICIMOD issues semiyearly newsletter (Chinese & English Version) and aims at offering a bridge between Chinese scientists and ICIMOD.

In the key principles of synergy, equity, transparency and mutual benefit, CNICIMOD, together with ICIMOD, will combine tightly to achieve the common goal of  improving the living standards of mountain populations and sustaining vital ecosystem services for the billions of people living in HKH region – now, and for the future .