Laurie Ann Vasily

Head of Knowledge Management and Communication/Senior KM Specialist

Knowledge Management and Communication

Dr Laurie Ann Vasily joined ICIMOD as Head of Knowledge Management and Communication in January 2017. 

Dr Vasily’s professional life over the last 30 years has been spent in the Himalayan region both within and in promoting knowledge ecosystems. From 2009-2016, she served as Executive Director of the United States Educational Foundation – Nepal (Nepal Fulbright Commission) overseeing, facilitating, managing,  and disseminating research on Nepal and the Himalaya in science and social science disciplines. Prior to that, as Deputy Chief, Office of Civil Affairs and Social Affairs Advisor to the United Nations’ Mission in Nepal, she synthesized and systematized knowledge generated from grassroots, regional, and national levels of Nepal’s peace process and managed, coordinated, and supervised the preparation of analytical materials and assessments related to the implementation of the mission's mandate with special attention to monitoring the role of marginalized groups in the peace process. She also served as an International Translator/Interpreter for the United Nations’ Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal, and has worked in various capacities as a teacher, a teacher trainer, an educational consultant, an organizational change consultant, and an independent social science researcher. She first visited Nepal in 1990 for service with the U.S. Peace Corps.  She completed her Ph.D. in Adult Education from Cornell University.