What the ICT for Mountain Development 2016 winners say ?

Pragya India

We are pleased and humbled to be one of the four winners for this year’s ICT for Mountain Development Award! A very special thanks to the ICIMOD for selecting us.  The award is, indeed, a great motivation for all of us at Pragya, and the field teams across our offices, as well as the communities involved in our Program for Himalayan Smallholders. 

Receiving this award further encourages us in our ongoing work to improve farm productivity and food security in remote and hilly regions. We are re-energized in our quest to utilize ICTs to relay agricultural and other relevant information to Himalayan communities to enable them to participate effectively in the mainstream economy. 

S.C. Bahuguna, NDTV journalist, India

I thank ICIMOD for selecting my documentaries for an ICT for Mountain Development Award this year. ICIMOD is a pioneering institution working internationally for the welfare of Hindu Kush mountains, which are so close to my heart.  This award has re-energised me towards this great cause and I hope it will continue to spur people to work towards making the earth, and the Hiamalaya, a much better place for our future generations. 

Semantics Creation, Nepal

Thank you ICIMOD for honoring us with an ICT for Mountain Development Award 2016. We are very honored and privileged to be recognized as one of the four winners of this regional competition. There are various things that we are working on to enhance mountain development. Your award gives us inspiration.

Muhammad Ahsan Mahoob, IGIS, National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan

I am extremely pleased, honored, and humbled to accept this ICT for Mountain Development Award 2016. I did not make the journey here alone. Sseveral people including my team members have supported me along the way. The award is a very good initiative by ICIMOD to promote mountain development and environmental conservation in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH). These kinds of initiatives will encourage all of us to make effective use of advanced information and communication technologies for mountainous regions and communities living there. 

ICIMOD introduced the ICT for Mountain Development Award to recognize innovations in information and communications technology for development that promotes mountain development and environmental conservation. ICT for Development has become an important programme worldwide, especially here in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH). However, the true potential of ICTs for mountain areas is still relatively young and we can do more to assist mountain residents through these important yet attainable innovations. We hope this award will inspire ICT developers today and tomorrow.  ICIMOD’s annual ICT for Mountain Development Award is given out each year on International Mountain Day.   


  • To recognize innovations in ICT for Development that can promote mountain development and environmental conservation; 
  • To identify key institutions and practitioners working in ICT for Development and help build partnerships through ICIMOD’s regional programmes;
  • To showcase and share innovative work being done in the interest of mountain communities.