Hydrogeological Mapping of Springs in Dailekh


Hydrogeological investigations in Dailekh involved the study of prioritized springs where detailed hydrogeological studies and spring monitoring was carried out. ACWADAM and ICIMOD jointly conducted the field investigations around the Baleshwor water tower focusing on 10 prioritized springs based on spring selection criteria applied from previous reconnaissance visits and through the social mapping tool applied by HELVETAS, a partner on the WLE project. 

This activity resulted in the development of a conceptual model for each of the springs. This included a description of the local geology based on hydrogeological mapping, the identification of the typology of the springs, including a reference to the aquifer system(s) below, and then to the identification of specific recharge zones for each of the springsheds. Recommendations were made concerning recharge measures within the recharge area in each of the springs studied.