The Story Grant Programme for Atmospheric Issues: Selected participants

Slok Gyawali

Slok Gyawali is an assistant editor at Himal Southasian, a magazine in Nepal that covers South Asian issues. He has previously worked as assistant editor with India Writes Network in New Delhi, and as an Environmental Social Governance analyst with Solaron Sustainability Services in Banglalore. He has a Bachelor of Science from Truman State University, Missouri and a Master of Arts in International Relations from South Asian University, New Delhi, where his primary research focus was the nexus between politics, the environment and religion in Nepal and India. Prior to this, he worked with the Atlantic Council of the United States in Washington DC as a research associate. 

Over the years, he has worked as a freelance journalist and has written for a number of national and international publications including Fair Observer, Himal Southasian, Swarajya, LapidoMedia, and Earth Island Journal among others. His work as an environmental journalist primarily focuses on breaking down jargon and making scientific research more accessible to the lay-audience. He has an interest in the economics of sustainable development. He can be reached