The Story Grant Programme for Atmospheric Issues: Selected participants

Oana Simina Mistreanu

Simina Mistreanu is a Beijing-based Romanian freelance journalist who has worked in the US and China for the past nine years. She has covered various beats including business, government, education and breaking news. 

She has written for publications such as Al Jazeera, Quartz, International Business Times UK and South China Morning Post. In the past, she was a local government and breaking news reporter at The Oregonian newspaper in the US. She earned an MA in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia on a Fulbright scholarship.

She likes to write long-form stories and narrative pieces about social issues. She has written, among other things, about college students trying to break the poverty cycle in Missouri’s meth belt, an Oregon killer’s reintegration into society, a Romanian woman’s unusual fight with breast cancer and migrant workers’ roles in saving China’s real estate market.

As part of ICIMOD’s Story Grant Programme for Atmospheric Issues, Simina will write stories about China’s experiment with carbon trading markets, including the setting up of a national carbon market by 2017 and changes in culture related to the country’s transition to a carbon trading system. She can be reached at .