The Story Grant Programme for Atmospheric Issues: Selected participants

Alka Katwal Chetri

Chetri has a BSc in biotechnology and is currently working as a journalist for Business Bhutan, a weekly newspaper, and covers issues on the environment as her primary beat. She realized the importance of reporting on climate change and was encouraged to take up the environmental beat after attending an in-country climate change workshop. She realizes that the environment is one of the least covered beats and feels she could play a part in advocating climate change issues in Bhutan. Her newspaper has a dedicated page for environmental issues called ‘Green Story’, and she writes stories on environmental issues on a weekly basis.

In the past five years, she has covered several environmental issues, particularly those related to biodiversity conservation and climate change. She was an ICIMOD climate change reporting fellow in 2014 and participated in the Regional Media Training Workshop: Air pollution, its sources and impacts, and mitigation options organized by ICIMOD in 2015. 

Chetri plans to pursue a master’s degree in environmental journalism and hopes to make a difference by reporting on climate change and its impacts, not only in Bhutan, but across the region. She can be reached at