The Story Grant Programme for Atmospheric Issues: Selected participants

Noor Gul Shafaq

Noor Gul Shafaq is an Afghan journalist, poet, and writer. Born in the southern province of Paktia (AryobZazi), he has worked in the media for the past seven years and  prepared hundreds of educational and investigative reports on youth, children, and women. As well, he has written and presented many radio shows and has written articles on human rights and other social and political issues, as well as some focused on environmental issues like air and water pollution. 

Starting in 2011, he has worked at INTERNEWS (UNICEF), Media Support Partnership for Afghanistan (MSPA), Good Morning Afghanistan (GMA) and Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty (RFER). He is currently a producer for a radio programme (‘TaandySangy’) that covers issues related to youth at Azadi Radio, and is continuing his studies in Kabul.

In 2013, he received third prize from the International Center for Journalists during ‘South Asia’s youth at risk: A story telling workshop for young journalists’. He was given the title of best poet in a poetry competition in Afghanistan four years ago and has received many letters of appreciation from human rights organizations, NGOs and civil society groups. 

He enjoys photography and writing poems, dramas and short stories. He was first acquainted with ICIMOD during the Regional Media Training Workshop: Air pollution, its sources and impacts, and mitigation options that was organized by ICIMOD in 2015. He can be reached at


د اقلیم په بدلون کې د ځوانانو مسؤلیت [Phasto]

Climate change 

In this radio programme, the reporter discusses climate change and its effects on agriculture with scientist Riaz Darmal and the Deputy Head of the NEPA (National Environment Protection Agency) of Afghanistan, Abdulwali Mudaqiq.  

The opinions and efforts of people from different fields such as medicines, and social and youth activism are also presented in the piece. 

23 July 2016
Published on Azadi Radio

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بد چاپېریال مو لکه جګړه وژني!/ نورګل شفق
Bad environments as dangerous as war

The article focuses on the hazards of environmental degradation, climate change, and global warming, and stresses the fact that all living beings are affected by these factors. The article also explains greenhouse gases, and their impacts on the environment. The article also discusses the effects of brick kilns. 

8 September 2016
Published on
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Also published on:
8 September 2016
Published on
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د هوا په ککړتیا کې د خامه سړکونو او موټرونو ونډه! / نورګل شفق 
Role of unpaved roads, old cars and population in the air pollution

A survey on the contributions of different sources to air pollution in Kabul are discussed in a programme.  The survey was conducted by the National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA). It revealed that Kabul’s air pollution is caused by:

  • dust due to unpaved roads - 40%
  • household heating, and the use of different types of fuel by trade centers - 30%
  • brick kilns - 12%
  • transportation - 10%

15 December 2016
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