Ten Big questions to be addressed by UIB

Following are the 10 big questions to be addressed six technical working groups of UIB network.

  1. What were the climatic trends and variability in the basin in the past, and how will they be in the future?
  2. What is the state of various cryosphere components (glacier, snow, permafrost), how are they are changing with time, and how will they change in the future under climate change?
  3. How can the present observation system be strengthened to support previous questions?
  4. How to enhance the effectiveness of data collection, quality control and dissemination at national and regional levels?
  5. How will climate change and cryosphere dynamics impact the water availability in the future?
  6. What will be the water demand scenario of the future?
  7. How can the supply-demand gaps be addressed?
  8. What are the most suitable and sustainable development options for the upstream part of the basin?
  9. What are the natural hazard hotspots and how is the vulnerability changing?
  10. What could be the impact of cryospheric changes on ecosystem?