Mainstreaming the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Mountain Biodiversity for Wellbeing

Time/date: 18:15, Friday, 9 December 2016 

Venue: Like Minded Mega Diverse Regional Group Meeting Room, Sunrise Building, 2nd Floor

Relevant Topics

  • Multi-year Program of Work (MYPOW)
  • 2010 Biodiversity Target
  • Agricultural Biodiversity
  • Forest Biodiversity
  • Inland Waters Biodiversity
  • Mountain Biodiversity Biodiversity for Development
  • Climate Change and Biodiversity
  • Ecosystem Approach and Restoration
  • In-Situ Conservation and Protected Areas
  • Tourism and Biodiversity

Involved partners and speakers of this event include representatives from Slovakia, the Carpathian Convention, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), ICIMOD, CBD Secretariat, World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC), Alpine Convention and other mountain regions with the view of utilizing the event as a platform for further knowledge exchange and developing the concept of mainstreaming.

This event will be sponsored by the current Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union and focus on the concept of mainstreaming the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for well-being in transboundary mountain regions. Discussion will draw upon the experiences and best practices of the Carpathians, and the Alps, among other mountain regions.

Event organizers to raise awareness amongst policymakers and the media about the value and benefits of integrated ecosystem management in development planning. Within mountain regions, the concept of integrated management of transboundary ecosystems (as mountains are considered to be) has the potential to improve the overall management of natural capital while contributing to improved human well-being and the achievement of adopted Sustainable Development Goals. 

Integrated ecosystem management presents a radical shift in thinking holistically about the links between ecosystem service delivery and human needs. The Carpathian Convention, which will be discussed, is a well-established mechanism and its platform provides a useful example for how biodiversity can be mainstreamed into other sectors crucial for sustainable development of mountain regions.

Attendees at this side event may expect to hear about several case studies that illustrate how integrated ecosystem management may be incorporated seamlessly into sustainable development plans. A story maps tool developed by ESRI will be used to visualize these studies and their outcomes.