The Disaster Management Community is a group of professionals from a wide range of organizations and disciplines concerned with preparedness, mitigation, response, recovery and rehabilitation issues with respect to disasters (natural and human induced). Solution Exchange connects the members of this Community and increases the effectiveness of their individual efforts, helping them share and apply each other's knowledge and experience. Through Solution Exchange, Disaster Management professionals can turn to their peers across India for solutions to the day-to-day challenges they face.

In India, FOCUS PMP initiatives operate in seven states. FOCUS facilities the development of annual, comprehensive disaster response plans in local communities enabling families to be better informed about the potential consequences of natural and manmade disasters. FOCUS works in collaboration with local schools, hospitals, specialist institutes as well as their stakeholders to ensure these communities are increasingly aware of what can be done to minimise potential dangers.

India Natural Disaster Management India Provides current news on Flood, Drought and Cyclones. Weather Links from NIC ( Cloud images from INSAT and GMS-5 ( Weather conditions/temperatures on Indian Ocean ( 

The Department of Earthquake Engineering is the only one of its kind in India and amongst a few in the world. Established in 1960 as School of Research and Training in Earthquake Engineering, the department has been actively engaged in teaching, basic and applied research, and providing consultancy services in the seismic design of almost all major engineering projects in the country, with an aim of mitigating disasters caused by earthquakes.

The National Information Center of Earthquake Engineering (NICEE) hosted at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is intended to collect and maintain information resources on Earthquake Engineering and make these available to the interested professionals, researchers, academicians and others with a view to mitigate earthquake disasters in India.

The National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) is a premier national organization working for human resource development at national level in the area of disaster mitigation and management. The NIDM came into existence since October 16, 2003 by a Government of India order upgrading the National Centre for Disaster Management (NCDM), which was located at Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. The NCDM was established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Government of India, in March 1995. The NCDM had been functioning as a nodal Centre for the human resource development in the area of disaster management.

All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI), India is a community based action research, action planning and action advocacy organisation. It works towards bridging the gap between policy, practice, and research related to disaster mitigation, in an effort to link the community to the (inter)national level humanitarian scenario.

The National Disaster Management website of the Government of India.

India Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) provides all India weather report, end of monsoon season report, weather charts, satellite images, rainfall maps, earthquake reports and severe weather warnings

All too often our response after a tragedy - either manmade or natural - is to pick up the pieces, dust ourselves off and get back on with our lives. How about learning from our misfortunes? How about bringing to book those either responsible or whose responsibility it was to prevent or mitigate such disasters? How about a little disaster management of which we have a full-fledged department in the Ministry of Home Affairs?