Hungry Asia: Growing more food with less water

Time/date: 09:00-10:30 | 31 August 2016, Wednesday 

Venue: Room # FH 307


Agriculture remains the major user of water resources, accounting for about 70 percent of diversions. Agriculture will have to produce 60 percent more food globally by 2050, and 100 percent more in developing countries using the same finite water resources. Estimates for Asia predict a 65 percent increase in industrial water use, a 30 percent increase in domestic use, and a five percent increase in agriculture use by 2030. These estimates suggest growing and acute competition among the principal water users.

Competing demands make water a highly politicised issue. The idea that water should be treated as an economic good has become a widely recognised but a highly contested principle. The session will review current thinking on water and food security and invited political economists will debate on water as an economic good and its significance in the political economy of the region.

This session is one of the four sessions under “Eye on Asia”, convened by ADB since 2008 as part of the Stockholm World Water Week.

ICIMOD will present on “Climate change in the mountains and its implications on food security in the plains”

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