Ecosystem degradation and livelihoods: Moving from vicious to virtuous cycles 

Session: Ecosystem Degradation and Livelihood: Perspectives from Source to Sea

Time/date: 09:00-10:30 | 30 August 2016, Tuesday

Venue: Room # NL 357


Human well-being, and economic growth depend on the health and integrity of water resources within earth’s ecosystems and the crucial services they provide. Poor communities are particularly reliant on local ecosystem services. Thus, the harmful effects of ecosystem degradation are often felt disproportionally by the poor becoming, the drivers of poverty and social conflict. Recognising this human-ecosystem interdependency is essential to achieving the SDGs. Yet our understanding of these linkages and interactions is limited.

This seminar, convened by ICIMOD and partners, will discuss the conundrum of economic growth and water’s role in healthy ecosystems for mitigating poverty and achieving the new SDG targets. Perspectives from a range of ecosystems will be discussed to capture the various services they provide and ways in which communities interact with and depend on them for livelihood, health and security. Further, the seminar will explore some innovative solutions involving civil society, as well as public and/or private sectors.

  • ICIMOD’s presentation on “A View from the Mountains on Ecosystem Services and Water Resources” by David Molden

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