Forests, water and sustainable growth of cities

Time/date: 14:00-15:30 | 28 August 2016, Sunday

Venue: Room # NL Auditorium / Aulan


Sustainable city growth requires sustainably managed forests in their watersheds. Cities depend on forests for goods such as food, energy, and water. Restored and sustainably managed forests within city watersheds can provide cost effective solutions to enhance the quality and quantity of traditional ‘grey’ water infrastructure.

We will give examples from cities of Sao Paolo, Kathmandu, Nairobi and Tirana which have justified watershed protection as a viable component to building infrastructure which maintains water supplies. Because forests play key roles in the water cycle and balance water flows, forests can be important tools for managing water supplies, maintaining water quality, and mitigating hazards. Water treatment costs increase significantly as forest cover in watersheds decline, therefore water treatment and flood control costs can be avoided through watershed protection.

We will also invite the audience to join our discussion on how local and regional stakeholder dialogues can support governance systems which enable protection, restoration, and sustainably managed forests in city watersheds and how this can contribute to sustainable city growth and their surrounding landscapes.

  • ICIMOD’s Shahriar Wahid to represent as a panelist.
  • ICIMOD’s presentation on “Valuing ecosystem services in local water use decisions in Nepali mid-hill towns" by Shahriar Wahid.  

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