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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the application procedures? Can I apply offline?

All applicants should complete the online application form available here. Incomplete applications will not be considered and applications with incorrect or incomplete information will be disqualified. Submission by email will only be entertained for those applicants who find the online form inaccessible. Please contact if you have problems in accessing the form.

2. Do I need to fill all the fields in the form?

Only fields marked by a red asterisk (*) are required. However, we recommend that you fill in all the fields if possible.

3. Is there any Registration Fee to attend the Forum? And what does it cover?

All participants will have to register (via the online application form) for the event. There is no separate registration fee. The organizers will cover the training costs, course materials, and other paraphernalia for all selected participants. Additionally, the cost of transportation to the venue and back will also be reimbursed as per ICIMOD norms.

For international participants, the organizers will arrange all logistics from 27 to 30 September 2016.

4. I am not from the environment sector but my field of study and/or professional background is still related to the sustainable development agenda. Can I apply for participation in the Forum?

Qualified applicants include all those who hold a Bachelor’s degree and whose field of study or professional experience is relevant to any aspect of mountain and climate change adaptation. However, the participants will be selected based on the degree to which their experience corresponds with the forum’s agenda, as well as the justification provided in the application form.

5. I am younger than 23 years (or above 32 years) but my academic and professional background closely corresponds to the forum’s agenda. Can I apply?

Our primary aim is to attract applicants between 23 and 32 years of age. However, a difference of up to a year will be entertained for particularly relevant and exceptional applications. 

6. Would ICIMOD provide me transport and accommodation if I come from outside the Kathmandu valley?

The Forum organizers will provide all selected participants (international and national) travelling to Kathmandu with the minimum funds required to cover transportation costs (air or ground, as applicable under ICIMOD norms), accommodation and meals.

7. I am not from the Asia Pacific region and I do not reside there, but I am very interested to participate in the Forum. Can I attend the Forum if I cover my own expenses?

We will be able to accommodate a small number of self-funded participants who commit to participate in the forum through its entire duration. Please state that you are able to fulfill this commitment in your application form.

8. I promote youth activities in my country that focus on sustainable development. Is there any chance that you can offer me a session as part of your programme?

There are a few sessions in which we expect to engage people from different youth initiatives in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. However, there will be no sponsorship available for resource persons. The organizers can assist you with local logistics, visa application, and provide recommendations for the same.

9. I do not have a passport, or I do not need visa to come to Kathmandu as I am from Nepal/India. However passport number is a mandatory field in the application form. How can I skip the passport field and continue with the rest of the application form?

If you do not have a passport, please enter random numbers (12345678) in the passport field and continue with the application. In this case, you will need to present a valid photo ID/travel document issued by your government - national identity card, citizenship card, voter’s registration, ration card, etc. Your nationality and date of birth should be legible. These document(s) will be used to verify your age and country of origin.

10. I am a sustainable development professional from outside of the Asia Pacific region with a strong interest in issues in the Asia Pacific. Can I apply to the Forum?

We will be able to consider participation of a few relevant candidates from outside of the Asia Pacific region, provided they are fully funded by themselves or their sponsoring agencies. If you wish to join the Forum in this category, please ensure that this is reflected in your application. Additionally, please email the event focal person at referring to your application so that we can process your request as soon as possible.

11. How can I ensure that my application has been received by the organizers?

On successfully completing your application, you will be directed to a web page with a ‘Thank You’ message, which confirms your submission.

An automated confirmation email will also be sent to the email address specified in the application form. If you have not received an email confirmation, please check your spam folder.

In case you face any difficulty in submitting your form, please double-check to ensure that all the required fields have been filled. If you still face problems, please write to us at stating the exact nature of your problem.

12. Is the Elevator Pitch Video or an Artistic Interpretation mandatory?

Yes, Choose at least one. Choose either an elevator pitch video or an artistic interpretation, or both. Helping us get to know you will help you in the application process. Please read the submission requirements on the application form for submission instructions.

For further information, please contact the event focal point: 
Ms Smita Ghimire

The deadline for application submission is over.

We are now no more accepting applications. All the selected candidates will be communicated through email shortly. Thank you!