Pastoralism and agro-pastoralism

ICIMOD’s work on pastoralism and agro-pastoralism in high altitude areas have focused on rangeland management; rangeland forage restoration; biodiversity conservation; social aspects of pastoralism and managing common pool resources; developing co-management of pastoralism in the six countries of HKH; off-farm income generation using yak and its cross-breeds in tourism; and developing livestock-based value chains, especially high value yak products. ICIMOD has been able to influence policy processes in developing rangeland policies in Bhutan, Nepal and two mountain provinces of Pakistan. Co-management approaches in rangelands developed by ICIMOD have also been adopted in Sichuan Province and Tibet in China.  A recent book published by ICIMOD on “Yak on the Move” is a good example of presenting knowledge development on pastoralism, yak-related livelihoods and rangeland management.