Influencing policies

Influencing policies in the regional member countries of the HKH region has been a continuous process for ICIMOD. Some of the agriculture-related policy contributions include rangeland policy in Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan; Chittagong Hill Track development in Bangladesh, where shifting cultivation transformation is a major issue incorporated in the National Plan; and food security policy in Pakistan, where ICIMOD brought a mountain perspective. After the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, ICIMOD collaborated with the National Planning commission to develop the Livelihood Framework for Reconstruction which is being used now. ICIMOD also collaborated with the Agriculture Ministry of Bhutan to prepare the National Agriculture Marketing Policy and has prepared Yarsagumba (caterpillar plant) harvesting guidelines in Nepal. ICIMOD is working with the REDD focal points of Bhutan, India, Myanmar and Nepal for developing REDD at landscape levels that take into account agriculture land uses as well.