Field Visit For Micro Hydropower Study In The Upper Gandak River Basin


ICIMOD’s Himalayan Adaptation, Water, and Resilience (HI-AWARE) initiative is implementing three work packages – knowledge generation, research into use, and strengthening expertise in 12 study areas in the Indus, upper Ganga, Gandaki, and Teesta river basins. Micro hydropower, local communities, and benefit sharing comprise some of the components in a series of activities planned under HI-AWARE’s Research Component 3. Identifying opportunities and challenges in the sector of micro hydropower is one of the main deliverables of an ongoing research on energy under this initiative.

As part of documenting opportunities and challenges in the micro hydropower sector and understanding the possibilities for soft interventions, a field visit to Baglung was conducted in the first week of June 2016. Guided by baseline information provided by the district’s energy and environment unit, we visited three localities: Burtibang, Bongadovan, and Bhimgethi. During the visits, we assessed micro hydro plants and conducted a local-level consultation meeting with electricity producers, users, and entrepreneurs.


Anju Pandit, ICIMOD