Annual Report 2015: Facilitating regional cooperation

Charter Signed to Formalize Himalayan University Consortium as Knowledge Network

The Himalayan University Consortium (HUC) brings together 33 universities from the Hindu Kush Himalayas and ten associate members from Europe and the United States, facilitating their collaboration on academic research to expand knowledge of the mountain region. 

The signing of the new charter in 2015 lays out the roles and responsibilities of the growing number of participants in the membership network. ICIMOD will continue to play the role of facilitator, helping to link the regional and global institutions, programmes, and scholars and promoting the gathering of mountain knowledge.

The charter was signed at a summit that brought together the heads of current and potential HUC member institutions – presidents, directors, rectors, vice chancellors and others – to discuss ways to move the HUC forward and strengthen the work of its members.

Initiatives of HUC in 2015 included research grants, faculty exchange programmes, training workshops, scholarships and a lecture series. With the charter signed, the consortium will identify regional issues for research, education, training, and more opportunities for academic collaboration that can ultimately benefit the environment and people of the mountains.

“HUC’s vision is to support sustainable mountain development in the HKH, and to contribute to global knowledge through collaborative research, education and training.”
Long Ruijun, Director, Science and technology Department, lanzhou university, China