Annual Report 2015: Regional and Global Outreach

Quake Response Honoured with ESRI Humanitarian Award

ICIMOD’s strong response to the Gorkha Earthquake was recognized in 2015 with the ESRI Humanitarian Award, which honoured ICIMOD for the quick, targeted and effective way in which its local responders and global experts were brought together to support the Government of Nepal and relief agencies with the use of cutting-edge applications and skills.

One key challenge in a disaster is to collect, manage, and disseminate reliable information to maximize the success of relief and recovery work on the ground. ICIMOD moved quickly to gather an international coalition of institutions to provide critical information, particularly in areas such as geospatial information. Working around the clock with the help of volunteer scientists around the globe, ICIMOD created a geoportal to provide interactive maps, charts and infographics about the earthquakes and relief efforts, identify landslide and geohazard risks, and provide crucial flight information for helicopter pilots flying rescue and relief missions.

Based in California, ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) is a major international supplier of mapping software and geodatabase management applications.

“ICIMOD’s resolve and tireless efforts in the face of such devastation truly inspire us. their work has already had huge impact and they continue to drive relief and recovery efforts in Nepal“
Jack Dangermond, President, ESRI