Annual Report 2015: Regional and Global Outreach

Telefilm “Dhuwa” Entertains While Teaching about Air Pollution 

What’s funny about air pollution? It turns out there’s a lot to laugh about – and a lot to learn – when a popular comedic duo joins forces with scientists to create a telefilm on the issue.

“Dhuwa” (Smoke) follows the misadventures of a chain-smoking villager and garbage-burning urban homeowner who end up in the same hospital room, learning the lessons they resisted. Their antics are watched by two animated parrots, also voiced by the comedians, whose running commentary is filled with information about pollution in geographically diverse terrain – plains, hills and mountains – and its impact on health, the environment and climate change.

In its brief 37 minutes, the film tackles major themes such as the transboundary nature of air pollution and its major sources, including vehicles, industries, cooking fires, and open fires.

“Dhuwa” was shown in October on Nepal Television after its critically praised Kathmandu premiere, was screened in Sikkim in India, and can be shown in a Hindi version elsewhere across the region. Follow-up research will be used to determine if the approach had an impact on viewer behaviour